Results from Day 1

A fantastic start to the competition yesterday. Canada proved they're totally Koalaified! You-clipt-us many times on the court, that's for sure! #boomtish Results from Day 1:

Suncorp QLD Cyclones beat VIC Protect Thunder 54-49

West Coast Enforcers beat VIC Protect Lightning 56-50

Canada beat GIO NSW Gladiators 56-49

VIC Protect Thunder beat West Coast Enforcers 56-50 

Canada beat VIC Protect Lightning 62-36

Suncorp QLD Cyclones beat West Coast Enforcers 54-47

Canada beat VIC Protect Thunder 67-37

GIO NSW Gladiators beat VIC Protect Lighting 55-48

Check back in from 10am today for live updates from day 2!