Results from Day 2

Another brilliant (and cold) day of competition! Once again the Canadians dominated the competition, but it ain't over till sings!

Sadly, the Suncorp QLD Cyclones had to forfeit a game due to 4 injuries on their team, but took on some ring-ins to play in the semi-finals against GIO NSW Gladiators. Canada will face off against VIC Protect Thunder and the winner of each will battle it out in the final!

GIO NSW Gladiators beat West Coast Enforcers 61-45

VIC Protect Lightning beat Suncorp QLD Cyclones 58-43

GIO NSW Gladiators beat VIC Protect Thunder 52-51

Canada beat West Coast Enforcers 67-44

Canada beat Suncorp QLD Cyclones 75-30

VIC Protect Thunder beat VIC Protect Lightning 49-41