Wrap-up of the Fierce 4 Wheelchair Rugby Challenge - Melbourne

What a weekend of Wheelchair Rugby it was, down in Caroline Springs, Victoria!

Over 3 days, our state teams played head to head against each other, and the visiting Wheelchair Rugby Canad team, who were in town to compete against the Steelers this week.

The Canadians must have felt right at home in the cold, as they took out the trophy after a fantastic match against the GIO NSW Gladiator 62-59. It was point-for-point, nail-biter of a match until the last 3 minutes, when the Canadians snuck ahead and won by just 3 points.

Despite the cold, and a couple of injuries, we all had a cracking weekend at the Caroline Springs Leisure Centre.

A big thank you to  Disability Sport and Recreation , Protect Victoria and everyone who came along to support our teams! 

We look forward to seeing you again in Sydney, August 19-21st for the Nationals.

Day 1 - Friday 19th June
Game Time Court Team A Team B Score
1 10:00am 1 VIC Protect Thunder Suncorp QLD Cyclones 49-54
2 10:00am 2 VIC Protect Lightning West Coast Enforcers 50-56
3 11:30am 1 GIO NSW Gladiators Canada 49-56
4 1:00pm 1 West Coast Enforcers VIC Protect Thunder 50-56
5 1:00pm 2 VIC Protect Lightning Canada 36-62
6 2:30pm 1 GIO NSW Gladiators Suncorp QLD Cyclones 51-55
7 4:00pm 1 Canada VIC Protect Thunder 67-37
8 5:30pm 1 VIC Protect Lightning GIO NSW Gladiators 55-48
9 5:30pm 2 West Coast Enforcers Suncorp QLD Cyclones 47-54
Round 3 & 4 - Saturday 20th June
Game Time Court Team A Team B Score
10 10:00am 1 West Coast Enforcers GIO NSW Gladiators 45-61
11 11:30am 1 VIC Protect Lightning Suncorp QLD Cyclones 58-43
12 1:00pm 1 GIO NSW Gladiators VIC Protect Thunder 52-51
13 1:00pm 2 West Coast Enforcers Canada 44-67
14 2:30pm 1 Canada Suncorp QLD Cyclones 75-30
15 4:00pm 1 VIC Protect Lightning VIC Protect Thunder 41-49
Finals - Sunday 21st June
Game Time Court Teams Score
Semi 10:00am 1 Canada vs VIC Protect Thunder 69-42
Semi 10:00am 2 Suncorp QLD Cyclones vs GIO NSW Gladiators 48-52
Finals 12:00pm 1 Canada vs GIO NSW Gladiators 62-59
Photo courtesy of the Melton Moorabool Star Weekly. Click for more photos!

Photo courtesy of the Melton Moorabool Star Weekly. Click for more photos!